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Projects in haiti

The education crisis in Haiti lies at the root of the crisis. Global Education Philanthropists is working to building schools to empower villagers.

Current projects are in Jacmel and Les Cayes, Haiti.

Projects in the
Dominican republic

In the Dominican Republic, GEP is working with several existing schools and educational programs in the Santa Domingo area to improve STEM education programs and provide much needed supplies. We work with multiple orphanages to provide supplies that are difficult to procure in that part of the world.

Trafficking & Aftercare

GEP’s work worldwide includes educating and aiding victims of trafficking. GEP volunteers bring in supplies and offer a helping hand where needed abroad and domestically. We are currently collecting donations to fill backpacks to give directly to those rescued. We are also collaborating with groups that nurture, educate, and empower those who have suffered from trafficking. Raising awareness of trafficking supports our mission of empowering those we serve.

To learn more about human trafficking, and how to help a problem that happens in every country on earth, check out these links:
The Human Trafficking Institute of Haiti

From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security:
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